The Age of The Soul
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The Age of The Soul

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How to know the age of the soul by using Vedic Astrology?

In Vedic Astrology we can know the approximate age of the soul based on the degree of the AtmaKaraka. AtmaKaraka, according to the Jaimini system of Vedic Astrology, is the planet that represents the Soul and its lesson to be learned in this incarnation.

AtmaKaraka is identified on the Vedic chart by the planet with the highest degree. Depending on this degree, the table below can be used to find out what approximate age the soul has at the stage of this incarnation. Its purpose in this incarnation, which is a separate topic, is known according to the nature of the planet which is the AtmaKaraka on a person’s chart.

Age of the AtmaKaraka PlanetDegree of Planet Comparative to Age
Infant to Child00:01—00:59
Youth to Teenager01:00—05:59

In the example below, we can see that the AtmaKaraka is Jupiter at 27:08 degrees of Capricorn and is, therefore, an Old Soul.

Vedic Chart of Christina C. Breault
Vedic Natal Chart of Christina Breault
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