The Disappearance of Malaysia Airplane
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The Disappearance of Malaysia Airplane

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How To Win In Court


So, Mingo, what do you think happened? I highly respect your opinion.

Joelvana M. S.


Dear Vana,

We have to consider all earthly hypotheses, such as kidnapping, hijacking, to gain insurance [benefits], or to escape the punishment of local laws. That is, traffickers and terrorists do all things, but there is also the possibility of a general abduction, of plane and passengers, as it was detected a large aircraft parallel to the plane.

There is also the possibility that the plane passed over that area called “The Dragon’s Triangle,” which is identical to the Bermuda Triangle, which has the same function or phenomena of “swallowing” airplanes and ships with cargo and crew as it happened with that Varig Boeing years ago, who disappeared without a trace and was not found until today.

Those places, for all I know, possess a strong magnetic content produced by underwater plants built by very ancient civilizations, that are fully operational, causing them to open portals through which planes and ships and their crews are sucked into a fourth dimension, without being destroyed.

I assume that, like the Varig airplane and other ships and crews, they began living in another plane, in a parallel universe to Earth, and will never be found!

DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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How To Win In Court

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