The Girdle of Venus in Palmistry

Palmistry is not entertainment! It is a science meant to uncover the hidden temperament of man, physical, mental and moral, with the purpose of bringing solutions and healing to them. Therefore, the bluntness in disclosing the hidden information in a hand is necessary to face these unpalatable traits and interpret them with the same unbiased and unveiled frankness as a surgeon would at the operation table.

Girdle of Venus means unhealthy passions and vices of sexual nature (i.e.; masturbation, pornography, sadomasochism, etc.). When it’s found on both hands, it further confirms these tendencies.

Broken Girdle of Venus = Sensuality of the worst kind

Girdle of Venus terminating on the Mount of Mercury = Unhealthy passions, on a good hand; and lasciviousness of the worst character, on a bad hand.

Line of Heart represents one’s affections. When it starts on the Line of Head, it means disappointments in love relationships. The gravity of the disappointments depends on other factors seen on the hand. It can also mean sudden death if seen on both hands.

Line of Heart beginning at the Head Line = Fatal passions, leading to disaster, which may include death. (This conclusion is based on confirmation seen on the other hand)

Line of Head means one’s ability to think, rationalize and judge.

Line of Head conjoining the Heart Line = Unhealthy passions; obsession with sexual relationships.

  • Girdle of Venus on a Hand
  • Girdle of Venus on a Hand

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