The Harvesting of Human Souls

There is a human soul harvesting going on for eons. Right now this effort has intensified because the soul harvesters are going to be taken from Earth, which will transform in a major way, and they want to take as many souls as they can with them to the hell — actually another planet, or realm if you will — reserved from them! This event, which is their removal from this solar system, is what Nibiru, the approaching astral body, a very negative planet, will bring with its passage through this solar system!

Part 1

Part 2

Dethrone Tyranny Lyrics

The Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway, is a representation of this soul harvesting by the beings that have been slaving humanity for countless eons.

Self-Appointed “Gods,” Soul Harvesters

If you ever wondered what the circle around the self-appointed “Gods” head mean, here’s your answer: It means our soul being harvested by the appointed one!

Yoga Exposed

Another way the soul can be harvested is through Yoga! On the video below, Nyla Nguyen explains how this is done.

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