The Language of the Annunaki

The Language of the Annunaki

The word Judai needs a closer look. Is it Jud AI? Jud means Doctor of Canon and Civil Law, and hence the term of jud ges, and why you have terms like jury, jurisdiction and justice, jur, jus and jud are all variant forms and parts of the root words of law and justice. Jud is a variant form of Jordan. Jordan means the tribe of Horus.

The Greek form of Jud is Jude, “hey Jude” sang by the Tavistock created group, The Beatles.

Given that the Jewish religion is really based on laws and not actually religion itself, perhaps the term Judai means the laws of the AI, which is artificial intelligence. Does that make more sense now?

Who passed the jud–gement and law on the person known as “Jesus” — [it was] Jud as, which means as law.

Law is all done in Latin, Latin is the language of the Annunaki, and so legalese, which is defined as the specialized language of the legal profession, and the language used by lawyers that is difficult for most people to understand. It is difficult to understand as it is not from here, is why, and legalese actually means babble.

It is their language and why their followers hardly ever face justice, [as] they pass all their sins onto the gentiles by way of the Day of Atonement ceremony.

~ Thomas Williams

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