The Lost Bullet Only Strikes Who Shot It First


Do you agree that the human soul has been harvested by vampiric spirits (demons, as they call them in religion, or fallen angels) or the whole human reality is the result of everyone’s karma? You say that the stray bullet only strikes the one who shot it first. Therefore, are there no victims?


Yes I agree. As I explained in the previous answer, the current humanity is completely taken over by these evil entities, [and] this is because humanity itself is carried away by the negative ambitions, by greed, corruption in all areas, by the sensual pleasures, where even the religious entities are giving ground for these activities. Therefore, Popes, pastors and other religious do not solve anything, if they themselves are facilitating the interference of those entities!

As I said too, the world is in its throes! The End is near, much closer than you can imagine! And, if the human being does not wake up to the highest desires, does not seek to maintain contact with the evolved beings that surround him, he will not escape the final sentence! He will be collected, abducted by gigantic spaceships, which will take him and dump him on less evolved planets, where he will start all over again, all from scratch.

Sidérius [a/k/a Nibiru] is approaching, and, before him, his vibrations will reach, his deleterious force field that will separate the wheat from the chaff and will be in charge of transporting the belligerent beings that have been here! I warn that there will be no point of last-minute confession, as there will be no more time, so start now, and do not say you were not warned!!!

Yes, each stray bullet will only catch whoever shot it first or had it ordered to be fired! “LAW OF ACTION AND REACTION” which is precise and implacable!

~ Domingos Yezzi – São Paulo, Brazil (November 15, 2020)

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