The Nature of the Soul
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The Nature of the Soul

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The Nature of the Soul Seen in Shastiamsha (D60)

While the D40 chart means maternal curse (from the mother side of the native), and the D45 is paternal curse (from the ancestors of the native’s father), the D60 chart shows the native’s own curse, or blessing, from the past life. The D60 chart reveals secrets of past life karma — curses and blessings and what they bring to this life that we’ll have to face. This chart is called Shastiamasha in Vedic Astrology, whereas Shasti means sixty (60) and Amsha means portion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Divisional charts are only useful and should be used only if the birth time is known with accuracy and precision! Otherwise, divisional charts should be ignored as their results will be misleading. The exact time of birth is what differentiates one twin from another as two souls cannot have the exact same Vedic horoscope as they don’t come out of the birth canal together and at the exact same moment in time; hence, every minute, even if it’s just ½, makes the difference!

The D60 also shows the native’s traits carried from past life unto the present life. D60 also represents dharma and the type of spiritual beliefs the native has, if any. Therefore, the 9th Lord of D1 is also to be examined in its placement in D60, which will further reveal the reason the soul took birth.

The Ascendant of D60 represents us and how we are affected by past life karmas, both good and bad, in our present life. We need to examine the Bhavas (Houses), how many planets they have and how they are afflicted or benefited by conjunctions and aspects.

We want to look at the Ascendant Lord of D60 and what aspects are in the 1st house of D60. If there are no planets in the 1st house of D60, the native’s life will be free from any encumbrances of past life. If 1st house or 1st Lord of D1 or D60 is aspected by two or more malefics, it means a karmic curse on the native.

We also want to look at what planets are placed in 4th House of D60, and where the 9th Lord of D1 is placed in D60. In summary, we examine each house of the D60 for an accurate view of the native’s karma and purpose of his/her incarnation.

Nature of 1st Lord in D60

  • If the 1st Lord of D60 is a benefic (Moon, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus), the native’s life will be smooth and progressive.
  • If the 1st Lord of D60 is a malefic (Sun, Mars or Saturn), the native’s life will experience slow growth and delays.

Placement of 1st Lord in D60

If the 1st Lord of D60 is …

  • … in Trikona Houses (1, 5 or 9), it means the native was devotional in past life, therefore this present life will be good.
  • … in Houses 2, 6 or 10, it means the native is materialistic and he/she was born solely to enjoy material pleasures.
  • … in Houses 3, 7 or 11, it means the native lives an artificial and illusory life (example, film stars and those attached to illusions and fakery).
  • … in Moksha Houses (4, 8 or 12), it means attainment of Moksha; meaning that the native took birth for that purpose and will attain it [therefore, this is their last required¹ physical incarnation].

Condition of the 9th Lord / House of D1 in D60

If 9th House of D60 is damaged, that means there will be a struggle in this life, the native is not blessed or helped by anyone and this life will be very tough and lack fulfilment of desired results.

Condition of Houses 6, 8 and 12 in D60

Who these houses’ lords are and which planets are posited there, must be examined as well. If they are not well placed in D1, it will affect the D60 as well. Any affliction of these houses in D60 must be carefully analyzed when predicting their results in D60. If these Lords are very weak, they are incapable of giving good results. For example, if 6th Lord of D60 is Mars and is conjunct with Jupiter, so Jupiter is affected by 6th Lord and therefore it loses some of its strength due to its association with the 6th Lord and that creates some misfortune for the native.

Condition of Atmakaraka in D60

One important predictor can be the position of Atmakaraka in the D60. Atmakaraka is the planet which holds the highest degree among the seven classical planets. Note the characteristics of the Atmakaraka in D60 to find a keynote of the native’s life narrative and contribution to society.

Condition of Debilitated or Exalted Planets in D1 and D60

If a planet is exalted in D1 but debilitated in D60, that will be its actual manifestation in one’s life at “harvest” time, a/k/a Dasha period of that planet. Likewise, if it’s debilitated in D1 but exalted in D60, its ultimate results will be manifested according to its placement in D60, as promised by karma law, particularly during its dasha periods.

Retrograde Planets in D1

Another use of D60 is to determine whether a retrograde planet will give fruits or not. Retrograde planet results are normally delayed, but not denied. Some schools of thought assert that a retrograde malefic gains power, while a retrograde benefic loses power. There is some merit to the different opinions on the true effects of retrograde planets. The Shashtiamsha lord helps make the determination of good or difficult results because the Shashtiamsha lord will either be malefic or benefic, and this may help to settle the case.

If the Planet falls into a malefic Shashtiamsha, it is considered that negative Akashic memory patterning is operating and there is a need for payback. In the case of negative Shashtiamsha position, it becomes more likely that results of the Planet will be delayed or denied.

Lordship of D60 and Its Meaning

Every Ascendant in D1 has its own deity (God/Goddess) ruling the D60, which hints the nature and the purpose of the physical birth of the Soul according to the Amsha (Distinctive Portion) in order of degrees. The list of deities is ordered according to odd and even signs, as instructed in Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra (BPHS), Chapter 6, Slokas 35 to 41.

Odd Signs Even Signs
1 Aries 2 Taurus
3 Gemini 4 Cancer
5 Leo 6 Virgo
7 Libra 8 Scorpio
9 Sagittarius 10 Capricorn
11 Aquarius 12 Pisces

The following are the listed effects per every 30 minutes for odd signs from 1 to 60. For effects of even signs, we reverse the list, whereas their degree begins at the 60th Deity and follow in descending order. Degrees in an odd and even sign are shown in these segments whereas 0.3 means 0 degree 30 minutes as terminating point of the first Shastiamsha. For example, let’s suppose the Ascendant planet is in 11°37’ of Pisces in the natal chart (D1); because it has covered the 11.30 amsha, it will be seen in 12.00 of even sign [Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, therefore it’s an Even Sign], thus, it will be in 37th Shastiamsha known as Sudha.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Shastiamsha Deities are to be considered as neutral (not good nor bad) and to be interpreted with respect to the planets and points coming under their division. For example, 5th lord in Kulaghna Shastiamsha is very bad but, Saturn under Gulika Shastiamsha, Rahu/Ketu under Sarpa Shastiamsha or Venus under Ghora (which means, violent, vehement, but also venerable, etc.) cannot be taken as bad. Therefore, one needs to use common sense.

#Degree in Odd SignDegree in Even SignsDeityNatureSanskrit MeaningParashara‘s Meanings as Per Livelihood / Inclinations
10.330Ghora±Violent, terrifying, vehement, extreme, fiery, venerableTeacher of Veda’s. Eternal wisdom, In modern parlance teacher of advanced subjects such as Chemistry, Engineering, Spirituality, etc.
2129.3RakshasaDemonServant, in modern parlance one engaged in jobs
31.329Deva+[Divine] Pure; born to do good deeds.One who reads Shastras, ancient philosophical works dealing with knowledge. It can also mean a teacher of Shastra which includes teaching Astrology, Sanskrit, Dharma etc.
4228.3Kubera+[It means wealth; Celestial treasurer] Life blessed with wealthOne well versed in riding horses, in modern parlance driver of small vehicles
52.328Yaksha±[It means Celestial singer] Native will be inclined as musicianOne well versed in riding elephants, in the modern parlance driver of big vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters etc.
6327.3Kindara±[Means transgender). Infertile; can’t bear children.One engaged in writing [Books, Blogs, Articles, etc.]
73.327Bhrashta±[it means corrupt] Cunning and mischievous; fallen, vicious.One in charge of a stable [Where horses are kept]. In modern parlance owner of parking lots, car showrooms etc.
8426.3Kulaghna[it means destroyer of family]. It’s born to destroy the family.Dancer
94.326Garala±[it means Poison, Venom]. PoisonousIt means one who is engaged in the profession of keeping records and forecasting such as Astrologers, Philosophers, Self Help Leaders, Orators etc.
10525.3Vahni±[it means fluid Fire that spreads] IncendiaryOne who performs Yagya, austerities.
115.325Maya[it means Illusion, deceit] jugglery, fraud, cheat, bluff.Teacher, Preceptor, Master
12624.3PurishakaEarthy land, solid waste.One indulged in Charity
136.324Apampathi+Holy water, God of WaterTrina means Grass, Roots, Herbs and Trinaka means one dealing with them. In modern parlance, it can mean doctors, healers, beauty parlors etc.
14723.3Marutwana±God of Air / WindHead of a Village, In modern parlance team leaders, guides etc.
157.323Kaala[Dark, black color] God of Time / Death / DestructionOne engaged in disaster management or such professions where one is endowed with the power to protect anyone or analyze anyone
16822.3Sarpa[Snake]. Flexibility, poisonous and attacker.One who takes care of gardens or people in horticulture, soil scientists, or those connected with plants in any manner.
178.322Amrita+[Immortal] Nectar of life span; longevity.One engaged in the selling of flowers can also mean designers etc. or those selling vegetables.
18921.3Indu+[it means Moon] Camphor, bright dropOne engaged in work of King, nowadays government servants etc.
199.321Mridu+[it means Soft] ModeratePushpvikrayatatpara means one engaged in the trade of flowers and vegetables. Sena means people in Army
201020.3Komala±[it means Tender] AgreeableOne well versed in Dance and Music
2110.320Heramba+[One of Ganesha’s names] Boastful hero, a buffalo.Tamboolphala means Tobacco, one engaged in its professions such as those producing or selling tobacco and other such things such as those dealing with alcohol, drug-dealers etc.
221119.3Brahma+Universal father and sacred knowledge.One engaged in buying and selling of prohibited items
2311.319Vishnu±[Executes everything] Operator, executerOne having authority over village such as the head of a village, district magistrate, IPS/IAS etc.
241218.3Maheshwara±[it means Shiva] Origins; destroyer.In prison/Prisoner
2512.318Deva±Divine energyOne engaged in fortune telling or prediction based on Data such as Astrologer, Big data analyst, those working in weather department etc.
261317.3Ardra+[it means Moist, to keep things alive] Damp, humid, wet.Highly learned
2713.317Kalinasa+End of bad things [Kali is the current Yuga, Kali means dark]Dhoopa means scent and it may mean one dealing with fragrance items such as perfumes, incense sticks or other things such as mosquito coils etc.
281416.3Kshitees+[it means a Prince] Ruler of earthOne dealing with medicines
2914.316Kamalakara+[it means a lake of lotuses] Lotus, assemblage of lotuses.One making different outlooks, this can include people such as actors etc.
301515.3Gulika±[Son of Saturn] Blessed thru hardships, efforts and deeds. Very powerful.One carrying loads such as rickshaw-pullers, truck drivers, coolies etc.
3115.315Mrityu±[Son of Mars] anger, death, end of life.One selling utensils or can also mean dealing with other steel items
321614.3KaalaTime / Death / DestructionOne engaged in farming, or a person who makes or sells liquor.
3316.314Davagni[it means Forest fire]. Native has tendency to aging, agitated nature; putting fire in people’s life.One engaged in trading, can also mean businessman
341713.3Ghora±Violent, terrifying, vehement, extreme, fiery, venerableOne dealing with Dhatu [Metals], or general physicians who deal with metabolism and functioning of the body; can also mean gymnasium owners and such
3517.313Yama[God of Death] End of life.One engaged in work related to leather
361812.3Kantaka±Thorns [stinging pain]Farmer or other physical workers
3718.312Suddha±Water of life; nurturer.One having authority over Shastra [Shastra means an expert in any knowledge]
381911.3Amrita±[Nectar of immortality] Holy water, purifier.Scientist, intellectual
3919.311PurnaChandraFull Moon / Nectar GiverIt literally means lordly, or authoritative or influential people
402010.3VishadagdhaDestroyed by own venom of poison; consumed by grief.One dealing with books or writers, authors or any other profession dealing with books such as printing press, bookshop owners etc.
4120.310Kulanasa±[it means ender of entire family] Ruinner/destroyer of family, ruin bringer.Trader
42219.3Vamshakshaya[it means Generation Ender] Ends the generation; no more descendants.One who talks about Veda and Vedanga which means Teacher or people authoritative in any science/learning can also mean scholar, expert and likely people
4321.39Utpata±Omen of calamities [Eclipse or Earthquake]One knowing Shastra, Knowledgeable intelligent people
44228.3KaalaDeath, Destruction; dark, black, unreflective.One engaged in singing glories of others
4522.38Saumya+Related or sacred to the Moon, handsome and benign.Lord/King of village/small institution
46237.3Komala+Tender, soft, brand, sweet, pleasing, charming and agreeable.Authoritative person
4723.37Sheetala+[it means White / pale color], soft, cool and pleasant.One engaged in the profession of calculations
48246.3Karaladamshtra[it means a toothy biting demon]; Destructive and dangerous.One giving punishment to others
4924.36Candramukhi+Very beautiful and pleasant.One carrying loads
50255.3Praveena+[it means Scholar] Clever, well versed, knowledgeable.One dealing with fuels
5125.35Kaalpavaka±[it means Storm] Whirlwind, tempests.One dealing in fruits, vegetables, roots of plants and herbs
52264.3Dhannayudha±Weapon of Punishment; hermitOne engaged in propagating and establishing peace
5326.34Nirmala+[it means Spotless] Immaculate; shining bright and cleanOne working with Gold
54273.3Saumya±Cool, gentle, soft and easy.One engaged in farming
5527.33Krura±[it means Pitiless, Cruel] Mischievous, disagreeable, bloody and carelessOne dealing with meat/flesh; (butcher, slaughterhouse worker, etc.)
56282.3Atisheetala±[it means Very Cold] unaffected by external forces.One engaged in doing Yagya and other Vedic rituals
5728.32Amrita±God of the ocean, deep waterTeacher
58291.3Payodhi±[it means a water receptacle; a storage / box of ocean] “Sea-born”Head/Leader
5929.31Brahmana±Nomadic priest; venerable; common senseOne who lives on donations/charity
60300.3ChandraRekha±[it means ray of Moon] Primal Mother of Earth; ancient civilizationSuccessful in his profession, one engaged in the stocking of fruits or cold storage, one engaged in giving results after analysis etc.

¹ No one is obligated to incarnate, unless it is to fulfill and resolve karma; otherwise, physical incarnation is entirely voluntary.

Credits: The above study was compiled based on the information shared by the following scholars: Dr. Dharmesh Mehta, Shubham Alock Signh and Barbara Pijan Lama

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