The “Passage” from Physical Life to Spiritual Life
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The “Passage” from Physical Life to Spiritual Life

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“The apparent feeling that we incarnate is that we would be Alive!”

That old act of pinching yourself, putting your hands on other people or objects around us and that bring us the “apparent certainty” that we are alive. The act of breathing, the heartbeat, the blood circulation, the brain functions that determine for our medicine whether our physique is clinically alive or dead, are just circumstantial symptoms, relative to our environment, our physiosphere. For the incarnated human being there are no other external parameters for measuring or comparing the activity of existential life. Which means that this being, I still fallible, cannot be absolutely sure that this is the so-called true life.

He feels alive for not having other elements that transfer parallel knowledge to him. The certainty that this human being has in being alive is when he compares his physical still in activity with another inert, whose spirit, the vital flame, has already abandoned; however, it does not give him the certainty of finding himself in true life.

Nevertheless, in my extraphysical experiences and in contact with the disembodied spiritual entities that “live” in the parallel fields, or psychospheres that surround and intertwine the Earth or each planet, as if they were concentric spheres, one above the other, and that intersect in different angles and directions and during my Astral projections, or momentary voluntary exits from the physical body, I could see that both spiritual entities and my spirit have the clear sensation that we are alive. Because we have all the more refined senses such as: touch impressions, pinching, heart beats, blood circulation, brain functions, physiological functions, smell, taste, hearing, vision and even the sensations of sexuality. As you can see, the vampirizing spirits and addicts of all kinds of addiction continue to enjoy these sensations, despite being fluidic, and depleting the energies of their victims.

The more behind [late in evolution] and in lower vibrations, these unenlightened entities “live” on the other side as if they lived on this side, normally. The only difference between them and the “living” is the more rarefied vibratory fields in which they are found.

The drug, alcohol and other addicts, including the sex addicts and others, feel sexual pleasure through coupling with their “mediums” who may or may not be harlots, and with more intensity than when they were in physical life. They still have a very big and important advantage over the so-called “living”, which is that of being able to compare themselves with the living and not being “trapped” in a limiting cocoon that is the perishable physical body; yes, they are trapped by their vices that have tied them up for dozens and even hundreds of years, vampirizing their victims and their tormentors over the course of their various existences. These entities are as vulnerable as the living, they just “do not die biologically”, except when they have to be reborn on the physical plane, that is, they “die there to live here” in much lower circumstances and with painful karmas of probation. Therefore, in my view, the spiritual field is the true life, and the limitations are provided and supplied by the degree of evolution and knowledge of each one that makes them remain in their respective and varied levels or realms, in accordance with their affinities and attunements.

As for the extraterrestrial being, (alive, incarnate, that inhabits other planets), those who have reached the degree of evolution of the conjoint: “Spirit, Matter and Knowledge,” live even better than the extraterrestrials (spiritual beings of the Earth), with triple advantage; as they are in matter, that is, they have a three-dimensional physique, they live in spirit because they have few physical limitations and have the knowledge and wisdom, they go wherever they want in the Universe and do not suffer the circumstantial barriers of Time, Space and Speed.

Therefore, in my view, the Spirit is still Matter, and it is he who lives the true life! He is matter more rarefied, a quintessence of, but still matter! Energy is rarefied matter and matter is condensed energy! Therefore, everything is possible and at the same time everything is subject to conjecture among those who consider themselves “the living,” however, reasoning and logical must prevail in both parameters.

Both myself and my wife, in our astral travels in the crust and in the Earth’s thresholds and inside the ships and planets that we came to visit in this way, the clear impression we had was that we were more alive than ever. We feel dread, fear, aromas, odors, we detect colors, we feel each other and we witness everything. However, [to] someone [who] will say: “this was due to being connected to our body in lethargy but conscious,” I can answer: “It may be that this has contributed a lot to our sensations being registered, but, there are other personal factors that guarantee us that the spirit survives after physical death and that its life is far better lived.

I am not a supporter of any philosophy or religion, but of logic and of the experiences lived by us, while respecting the belief and faith of each one.

~ Domingos Yezzi [Translated by Chris Breault]

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Born in 1935, Domingos Yezzi, a retired Brazilian musician and author contactee, studied Parapsychology and Paranormal Development, while aligning the facts that had been occurring since his eight years of age, in relation to clairvoyance, auric field vision, and direct contacts with beings from other planets. With his late first wife, he did more than 36 years of studies and cataloging his various experienced phenomenologies.