The Relationship Between Long Hair and Extra-Sensory Perception

The Relationship Between Long Hair and Extra-Sensory Perception

The Relationship Between Long Hair and Extra-Sensory PerceptionQuestion:

Hello Yezzi! What can you tell me about the relationship between long hair and extra-sensory perception? I only believe if you say it [laughs]!

Goreth B.


Hi Goreth,

It’s true! Long hair, for those who have them and are used to them, especially women, have their sixth sense accentuated. Hair is like fine antennas, catchers of subtle energies from the astral plane, however, it does not mean that those who have long hair are better than others, they are just more attuned since birth, while those who do not have or cut their hair are conditioned to the lack of them and [instead] use their mental and brain resources. The hair is like a trademark, customized for each individual, over which they vibrate their most intimate vibrations including pains, hassles, disappointments, diseases of all kinds, love, lack of love, abandonment, in addition to the natural electricity and also environmental electricity, magnetism, negative, positive, tiredness, exhaustion (stress), both good and bad intentions, everything gets soaked in the hair. So, it is not advisable to make wigs or hairpieces without prior proper hygiene been taken, washing, demagnetization, detoxification of the hair to be used, because it runs the risk of having the transmutation of all ill hair of a sick person to a healthy person. Perhaps, therefore, there are many people getting ill after the use of wigs and hairpieces without taking care of the origin. One of the natural physical accessories that nature gifts humans is their hair and it is, after physical death, the only organ in the human body that remains after physical death. Through them too, by just a thread of hair, you can do a DNA test because the hair records everything and paranormal psychics, with the gift of psychometry, can know the past lives of the person being examined. Therefore, here is a freely given advice, with the sole intention of helping and preventing diseases that can be acquired invisibly through the hair. The extraterrestrial with whom I keep in touch and have long hair, avoid cutting them, not for vanity but for the utility that the hair has for them.

DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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