The Sun is a Cold Star and It's Inhabited

The Sun is a Cold Star and It’s Inhabited


Good afternoon, Domingos!

I’m here to explain to you that the sun, actually, is hot and not cold, as you said.

Well, we can start at the beginning, when the sun had not even existed yet. Billions of years ago, what really existed were gases and particles that were mutually attracted by gravity forces. As time passed, more particles would agglutinate and condense until they, due to the large energy (heat) that they had, made this energy to overcome the repulsive force between the particles and gases thus triggering a nuclear fusion. After that, a disc of cosmic dust was formed around the sphere of nuclear fusion which also began to be attracted to the extremely hot and massive nucleus. Consequently, after millions of years, the sun, as we know, is formed.

To keep itself active the sun needs fuel, which in our case is the hydrogen. These hydrogen protons collide due to their gravitational force, forming helium, radiation, light (which is also a source of light and heat) and energy (heat – the same energy that is created when a nitrogen bomb falls on a city). Variables resulting from nuclear reaction tend to escape into the vacuum of space, although some of them are retained by the gravitational force, battling against the opposing force until the fuel runs out. When the hydrogens end, gravity will win tending to hatch it.

This happens until the Helio pass to be used as alternative fuels, and so the cycle begins again. Well, in the end, the stars tend to turn into supernova or they tend to turn into black holes.

Well, I think I have already clarified why the sun is hot!

Thanks for your attention, Mr. Domingos, and until another time!

Light Yagamii


Dear Light, as you can notice my name is Domingos Yezzi, and what is yours?

I’m sorry, friend, but I do not need to hide behind light or shadow. Thank you in advance for your email, and your “teachings” about the Sun, completely wrong, based on erroneous assumptions of scientific conclusions prior to Galileo Galilei, but thanks anyway!

I will not repeat them here because it would become boring. In my books, and on my website, they are adequately explained and will not understand only those narrow-minded at the time that the church, and the infamous black gagers, said that the Sun revolved around the Earth and not the contrary. Hundreds of years needed to pass before the arrival of the genius Galileo who broke that madness, but remained imprisoned and incommunicable so he wouldn’t make public his ingenious ideas, this [one] and others, but he said “Epur Si Muove”, that is, whether you want it or not, the Earth keeps moving around the Sun!

E a igreja, como sempre composta por sábios, resolveu “perdoá-lo” 400 e poucos anos após. Como se o querer levar conhecimento a humanidade merecesse punição e perdão! Agora estamos no século XXI, a era da cibernética, da comunicação, dos satélites artificiais — que diga-se de passagem, giram em torno da Terra, como “marias loucas ” sem obedeceram totalmente a Lei da Gravidade, pois, vez por outra, perdem o impulso e despencam na cabeça dos homens, provando que a Lua que está lá a milhões de anos não perde seu impulso nem seu giro, pois ela obedece a lei da gravidade. Os ignorantes bem intencionados continuam a existir sem raciocinar, não estou dizendo que é seu caso! A Ciência da Terra há bem pouco tempo atrás, dizia, afirmava, que no planeta Mercúrio, o chumbo estava derretendo a 800 graus centígrados, no entanto, resolveu mandar uma de suas sondas rebolantes fotografar aquele planeta, a sonda fotografou tudo, não pegou fogo, seus equipamentos funcionaram normalmente e a ciência descobriu que não existem os 800 graus de calor em Mercúrio, por ele estar próximo ao Sol! Esse recente cometa (ISON) que cruzou o espaço em direção ao Sol, deu a volta em torno dele e não se desintegrou. A NASA tem mostrado fotografias recentes de naves gigantescas entrando e saindo do Sol, mais uma prova de que ele frio. E eu, que não tenho pretensões de ser um Galileu moderno, mas, volto a afirmar que, o Sol é um Astro Frio e habitado, por criaturas maravilhosas!

And the church , as always composed by sages, decided to “pardon him” 400 or so years after, as if wanting to bring knowledge to humanity deserved punishment and forgiveness! Now we are in the XXI century, the cyber era, the communication era, of the artificial satellites — which, by the way, revolve around the Earth as “dizzy Marys” without fully obeying the Laws of Gravity, therefore, occasionally, losing momentum and falling down on the heads of men, proving that the Moon is there for millions of years and does not lose its impulse nor its movement, because it obeys the Laws of Gravity. The well-meaning ignorant ones continue to exist without reasoning, [and] I’m not saying it’s your case! The Science of [planet] Earth not long ago said, claimed, that planet Mercury, its Lead was melting at 800 degrees Celsius, nevertheless, decided to send one of their dancing probes to photograph that planet. The probe photographed everything, didn’t catch on fire, their equipment functioned normally and science discovered that there are no 800 degree Celsius heat on Mercury for being close to the Sun! This recent comet (ISON) that crossed the space toward the Sun, went around it and did not disintegrate itself. NASA has recently shown photographs of giant ships coming in and out of the Sun, further prooving that it’s cold. And I, who have no pretensions in being a modern Galileo, but, I insist that the Sun is a Cold Star and it’s inhabited by marvelous creatures!

I hope Science does not take too long to prove that I’m right, as it took to approve the claims of Galileo and, when they find out I’m right, please be kind enough to disclose that I was the first one to have the courage to make this statement and will not do as they did with our Santos Dumont, who not even after demonstrating that he invented the airplane and was the first to fly it and manipulate it in the air, up and down alone, around the Eiffel Tower in Paris in front of thousands of people, failed to convince the owners of the truth that he is the true Father of Aviation and not our American brothers!

So, my friend Light, please be kind enough to turn on your mental switch and with attention and reasoning read my books and my website, and I’ll be here to settle any doubts!

I am grateful for the opportunity and I apologize for the awkward way!


DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina C. Breault]
The Sun is a Cold Star, by Domingos Yezzi
The Sun is a Cold Star, by Domingos Yezzi

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