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The Sun Is A Cold Star

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“They are gigantic aircrafts that are docking on the Sun that is the center of our solar system. It is the only star that is able to receive them. The spaceship in question was not feeding or absorbing the heat of the Sun because the Sun is a cold star! It was absorbing the magnetic energy which that great generator that is the Sun emits. It carried its gigantic “stimulators” to transform them into powerful energies for its “continuous operation mode.” I must point out that in the solar atmosphere there are some corridors, or specific tunnels to allow the entry of magnetic ships through its soil. Only magnetic ships with specialized commanders in this navigation can penetrate within the atmosphere, otherwise, the magnetic force of the Sun is so powerful that repels any inexperienced object or spaceship that try to penetrate it.

“I could go into explosive details, which would be difficult to believe, as, until now, it’s been difficult for science and any other human being to assimilate what I’ve been privileged to announce and sustain until now that, THE SUN IS A COLD STAR! Soon science will discover and claim that it already knew it and it just didn’t reveal. They did that to Santos Dumont! But, the details you and other readers will read in my fourth book yet without a title for I’m still writing it day and night. My previous books will be translated into English which will facilitate more comprehension of my affirmations by the global community.”

~ Domingos Yezzi

“Crafts will fill our skies. They will be so many at one time that the people will be shocked. However, we will be here to confirm that they are friends and there will be no reason for scare or panic.

“There will be new telluric manifestations, such as seaquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, storms, [heavy] rain and floods, which will worsen increasingly; mainly in the northern hemisphere. Japan will suffer even more. The [Planet] Nibiru, in my book is called Planet Siderius. It comes from the direction of the constellation of cancer, at the time of the sunset [and] in the same direction. As the Sun sets, another Sun will rise and both will meet in Zenith — both Suns will appear. One will push the other away of its orbit, causing the movement of all the planets of our solar system — 12 planets in total and their dozens natural satellites. There will be a total darkness. The planet Earth will roll in space until it finds itself in a new orbit around the planet Jupiter (as forecasted by the commander INK, FROM THE PLANET AHGA (NOT YET DISCOVERED BY SCIENCE). With all this cosmic-stellar alteration, of course there will be much death within the terrestrial humanity, which must be avoided as much as possible, first by the new actions and new positive behavior of the human being from now on.

“I know that I am looking like a messenger of bad prognostics and a pessimist, but unfortunately [this] is what I receive and is in my books, which I take the opportunity to ask to [widely] disclose [them], for nobody will be able to say they were not warned. As to the destiny of each one of us, it belongs to God and to these beings with their gigantic aircrafts that are coming in large quantities to try to do whatever is possible and permitted to them. There are no intra-terrestrial civilizations in the manner that some lay people and speculators are spreading. There are, indeed though, elements both inside the gigantic caves that Earth possesses as well as in the depths of the sea, but all are subject to the same manifestations as those on the crust. I don’t have special protection, I’m a common human being of flesh and bone, with family and friends that I adore, but, all will be subject to all manifestations, even as all predicted by other Avatars and in the Bible. But, the impertinent human being, does not believe and will be caught by surprise.

“But, I think you and your friends should read my books as soon as possible, for in them there are some instructions that will help to alleviate and assist in the modification of behavior before the events. When they will happen? I DO NOT KNOW! These information, if given in these age, for sure will subject me to the murderous bonfires from the no less murderous members of the Catholic Church. Therefore, here I’m exposing what has already been exposed in the Bible in codified language.

“One may ask: What about the wonderful children that are being born? What about our children and our friends’ children? There are millions of them innocently coming, what will be of them?

“I reply: As each of us has come here carrying some energetic toxin and knew that at some determined time in our lives they would blossom in our physical body for the necessary drainage, but that they could also take us back to our spiritual “homeland”; they, the children, all of them in general, come already knowing all they will have to go through, even so they accept it, for it is a gift from Heaven to get a body and be welcomed with life or not, in these dire future moments of our civilization. Just, there is the “Blessed Oblivion” (Chapter 15, page 83 of my book “The DNA of The Spirit and The Extra-terrestrials”) and we also have the gift of not remembering what has been planned, otherwise we would only come by force!”

~ By Domingos Yezzi
[Translated by Christina C. Breault]
The Sun is a Cold Star, by Domingos Yezzi
The Sun is a Cold Star, by Domingos Yezzi, digitally reproduced by Chris Breault.
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Born in 1935, Domingos Yezzi, a retired Brazilian musician and author contactee, studied Parapsychology and Paranormal Development, while aligning the facts that had been occurring since his eight years of age, in relation to clairvoyance, auric field vision, and direct contacts with beings from other planets. With his late first wife, he did more than 36 years of studies and cataloging his various experienced phenomenologies.
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