The Usefulness of the Negative or the Non-Positive
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The Utility of the Negative or the Non-Positive

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It is not my intention here to make an apology for the negative, much less the negativism, which would be the opposite of the positive and the positivism, just as the shadow is the opposite of light, the left is the opposite of the right, the color black would be the opposite of the white color, and in separatist fanaticism, black is the opposite of white; which is childishness, a social, mental and spiritual setback of earthly man.

In electrical energy, the photons that give rise to light inside a lamp would not exist without the negative wire and I think, within my humble cosmic knowledge, that the sidereal light that illuminates the worlds, galaxies, solar systems, of the superior astral to the inferior astral passing through the visible physical, it is also the result of opposite energies or reactants.

Our theories and assertions about the origin of Solar Light are already known, theories that are already “quietly revolutionizing” the scientific world and will be verified over the future years, before the end of the planetary cycle.

However, despite being sure of what I’m going to analyze here, knowing that there is no effect without a cause and that the Law of Cause and Effect, or Karmic Law, is the Law that combines or reconciles the opposites, interconnects the evil that is the opposite of the goodness, I say that the goodness on an evolving planet like Earth would not progress without the evil that serves as crutches and often as a spearhead, as an obstacle to be overcome for those who seek ascension at all levels whether physical or spiritual.

In fact, there is not just a cosmic duality in all of this; in my view there is at least one triad and that some religions have called it the Holy Trinity which, figuratively, symbolically was extracted from the Positive, the Neutral and the Negative which are three magnetic-astral phases that provide the rotational movement to the worlds and to everything that exists about them. That is why there is day, evening, and night or night, dawn, and day, taking advantage of these faculties, Nature makes itself known with its elementals and elements that dominate specifically according to their formation, each of these phases and there She [the Nature] is the queen, the dominator because she is the mistress of her natural polarity, not interfering with the other polarities, unless a conduit or an intermediary is formed, which in the case of evil and goodness is man himself with his mediumship of various ranges or hues.

Everything on Earth is aimed at the goal of positive or positivism, everything that turns on itself on Earth turns from left to right, because the Earth itself also rotates on the imaginary axis, from left to right. So, the inner tendencies, all of them, whether physical or spiritual, go to the good, go to the right, go from the bottom to the top. The vibrations of things and of each being, the final tendency is to follow from low to high, hence the expressions: low mood (negative or left or even evil) and high mood (positive or right or even good). And we all know that what is crooked is not right and if it is not right it is not good and if it is not good it is because it is not suitable for most living or disincarnated beings.

Life and death; one opposes the other; for the Astral Entities, life is death, as they must die in the Astral to be born in the physical body or to reincarnate. For the Living in the Earth’s Crust, death is life because they must also die in the physical to be reborn in spirit. In this way, considering the physical life as being the spirit’s means of rescuing its ills through pain, and the spiritual life as the spirit’s means of experiencing and restoring its energies for new endeavors, that (physical) would be the negative and this (spiritual) the positive.

Assuming that light is positive for everything that is positive, it would then be the “mater cell” of Creation or of everything created within the Universe. One of the phrases I use to say is: “—The Sun is not worried if at dawn on Earth it exterminates the bacteria from the shadows and humidity, it simply is born and goes to the Zenith “burning” everything, heating everything within the reach of its rays.” The Sun, also, is not worried if at dusk on Earth, new bacteria from the darkness, new funguses from the humidity will appear, hide themselves, to do the same thing on the other side of the planet.” This means that what or those who want to live in the shadows, at the edge of the light, will hide from the Sun and form their own habitat where the sun’s rays will not reach them.

I think the ancient Egyptians said: “Osiris goes with his lighted boat indifferent to man’s weaknesses, however, he is complacent to these weaknesses and allows during the monthly cycles, his companion Iris (the Moon), to watch, illuminating with her magnetic light the nocturnal path of mortals.” Even so, there are those, the so-called mortals and even the immortals, who live in various levels or astral biospheres, or psychospheres, who make use or misuse of these lunar magnetic influences, with destructive, negativistic purposes, hardly knowing that they are used at this moment as “iron foreheads” or spearheads in regenerating activities, karmic or not, which the entities of Light make use of in aid of the planet itself and its inhabitants. For this reason, nothing is lost, everything becomes Nature, and the wise Lavoisier was and still is, always, right.

During more than 40 years of research on the human psyche and in direct contact with disincarnated extraterrestrial beings (entities from Earth) and with extraterrestrial beings incarnated (entities and inhabitants of other planets), my wife and I were led to witness several facets of the useful use of these transformations that Nature offers us and, of course, we seek to absorb by transmitting to others everything we have learned and that we are allowed to divulge in the form of new knowledge. In one of the closed sessions we had, 3 to 4 times a week, with these beings, a fact caught our attention and moved us quite a lot. I will report, joining explanations of entities from these two fields (disincarnated extraterrestrial and incarnated extraterrestrial), objectified and legacies so spontaneously by beings superior to us, with regard, mainly, to the Utility of the Negative, its functions and dysfunctions and, above all, the mission that, without knowing it, they are in charge for millennia in the eternity of the spirit.

About 20 years ago, according to our report at the time, we were led to witness a Dantean picture, that is, with the possibility of projecting our etheric-double, keeping our physical body well installed in our seats. We descend vibrationally to the abyssal regions of the Lower Astral of the Earth, carried by invisible friends from the spiritual plane. Among them an ancient friend named DARMATSA who was the main interested in going to the rescue of his mother, who remained imprisoned in those regions, lost in her “one-thousand-and-one mea-culpa” in a kind of endless negative vicious circle, with no end to the efforts of her son and other higher entities.

It happened that, she herself seemed not to want to leave that dark situation because besides wanting to punish herself, she still harbored traces of hurt and especially revenge, which led her to such a degeneration of energy having managed to destroy her perispiritual forms. She had turned into an ovoid being part of the great legion of beings in the form of protozoa encrusted in the ponds existing in that hideous region.

It is simply indescribable what we were witnessing during our trip there so soon in order to rescue that unfortunate creature! We would like it to be possible to film those events and those regions and then have permission to show it up here, in the earth’s crust, for living beings who are so sloppy, so remitting, malicious, selfish, corrupt, etc., so that they can analyze and glimpse what will await them if they do not change their current “modus vivendi”.

We can say that Dante was even gentle and mild when he described his visions of hell. It’s just horrible, horrifying and there are no words that can translate what we witnessed. However, we arrived there after going through great fears and apprehensions that gradually choked our souls and we could not wait to return. The creature we were looking for was already a larva but its thoughts were tearing and so crazy that they caused us pity, pain, sorrow, horror, and tore our hearts, our feelings.

The region was putrid and gave off a nauseating smell, driving away anyone who tried to approach it, and the higher the being, the farther away he would like to be. There were moans, screams, howls, mad laughter, various insanities, toxic gases, total darkness, except for the beam of light that followed in front of us produced by a source or searchlight, coming from above, without knowing its exact origin or by those who manipulated, it only lit up enough for us to walk while we sensed shadows, monstrous shapes lurking about us, and our body, on the couch, in semi-lethargy, shuddered, wanting to defend ourselves and longing for our immediate return, a clear instinct of self-defense, but, we did not let ourselves be carried away by the worries and fears and there we continued persistently attached to our objective of rescuing that suffering soul.

~ Domingos Yezzi, What The Extraterrestrial Think and Expect From Us, chapter 33, page 126 [Translated by Christina Breault]
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