What Do The ETs Say About Homosexuality?
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What Do The ETs Say About Homosexuality?

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“Human parents place a great importance on sexuality, as so much in life keys off one’s orientation. Will one have grandchildren, will the son make the varsity team, will the daughter marry well and be able to provide for her aging parents – all hinge on the child expressing an interest in the opposite sex, or more correctly, in being comfortable in one’s birth sex. The latter is almost always the cause of homosexuality, but the cause is overlooked as the symptom, pairing with the same sex, is so distressing to parents. Long before the young child develops the habit of releasing sexual tension with others of the same sex a struggle has been going on – whether to compete with the parent of the same sex, whether to assume that role. Where these thoughts go through most young minds, there are other factors at play. Is the parent of the opposite sex warm and attractive or cold and repellent, is the young child accepted or rewarded when assuming the role of the birth sex, or punished in some subtle manner.

“Classmates also play a role, although a child comfortably grounded within the nuclear family will almost never turn to homosexuality as a result of bullying by playmates. The opposite is true. Regardless of the school environment, a child distressed within the nuclear family by the concept of stepping into the shoes that the birth sex requires will almost never put these concerns aside when away from home.

“Are homosexuals born? No, although the preferences of the incarnating spirit play a small role. Physical differences pointed to as a cause are a reaction, as the degree to which the mind can influence physical development is little understood. As with any habit that humans develop, change requires that the cause, and not the symptom, be examined. It does little good to berate homosexuals, who have not so much chosen their lifestyle as been driven to it, and at a very young age. The toddler, or pre-school child, is scarcely making an intellectual choice. They are avoiding distress, punishment, and in many cases what they see as crushing and oppressive situations, or even, in their childish eyes, as possible death. Psychiatrists are quite aware of these scenarios, and explain them well.

“Do we, the Zetas, have homosexuals among us? Most certainly, as the dramas that incarnation presents are the same in all life forms. The sex drive will take a direction, and habits formed young are hard to break. It’s as simple as that. Do we approve? Let’s put it this way – we do not disapprove. We, in the Service-to-Other, spend our time caring for, not berating, each other.


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As for homosexuality or being homosexual, male or female, although it is generally said that they made a sexual choice, I say: they didn’t; they had to be born with this imbalance, that is, it is not an imbalance due to disease, but a karmic imbalance, generated in their perispirits, that is, in their energetic bodies on which the toxins resulting from sexual, mental and spiritual distortions were registered in their previous incarnations, which could not be corrected or detoxified prior to their current reincarnations and thus bringing to light the physical, mental and spiritual breakdowns and reversals of magnetic polarities on the physical itself! … Learn more

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