What Is A God or An Ascended Master?

What Is A God or An Ascended Master?

Excerpt from the Russia with Love series, by Thomas Williams

Another must-listen section added to our expanding list, that I hope inspires people to look and research for themselves, and erase the folly of country, culture and religious dividers as all organic souls have common enemy here. If you see this as racist you are clearly not as awakened as you thought. It is time the people globally find out the real truth and come together as a unified species, not mired in dogma, delusion and illusion.

Welcome to Part 5 of my From Russia with Love series that has trekked around the world, from its original origin, known as the originals “The UR”, onto the Rus, the Slavonic Aryans, through the Caucasians Mountains down to the Land of the Aryans, known as Iran.

From the Garden of Eden in India, to the priestly tribes of Cohen in Mongolia, the rise of the Cult of RA in Egypt, the plagues scorching a pathway into Europe, the subversion of the Houses, the Cat-holic church, the Middle East and eventually arriving to fulfill their 4th Reich, not by Germans, but Zionists.

Known in the Vedic texts, which are not Indian, those texts are from Rus -sian — they were known as the sub gray race —, the story goes on with this presentation also.

I am going to throw a few new names into the mix surrounding who these Kali Ma, Egyptian RA cult and Israelites are, and who they do their bidding for in this presentation.

You have heard me mention the Brotherhood of the Snake and briefly mentioned the Canaanites, but I will throw in here some new names of the originators of this plan.

The Melchizedek line and the Pleiadian Nibiru reptilians, linked with Sirius A and B along with their cloned Zeta Greys, Alcyone and the Andromedans; all of them were using advanced weaponry from our point of view, but it is ancient in origin, and advanced genetic manipulations on this world and many others.

Adam was not our creation but their creation, along with Eve and/or Lilith [which are one and the same], that was their attempt to reseed this planet with their creations — in their image, not our image—, after they thought they had wiped out the previous version with their deliberate flood and flash weaponry.

Throw in Cain, Abel, Adam, Lilith, Eve, Moses, Abraham, Noah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Ashteroth, Isis, Set, Horus, Osiris, Nut, Geb, Ma’at, Shem, Tut, Nefertiti, Astara, Ishtar, Marduk, Ra, Shiva, Felinoids and several others, who were all part of the desecration and destruction of humanity, and our special vessels.

It has spanned over many 100’s of thousands of years, involved in multiple galactic wars, destroyed countless planets, solar systems and beings, only now do we have a handle on it, and an opportunity to reverse these dark forces and their setanic, not satanic ways, as in Set.

The Melchizedek line is linked with Christian version of Jesus — except there was no Jesus per se —, plenty of teachers came and mimicked those same words as accredited to Jesus, like Radomir, but all evidence points to the dark cult Christian sect appointing their own deity, and they created the name Jesus, borne out of the King James bible of 1611; anything before then would not have been called Jesus, as there was no letter J [before].

Many will not like this statement, but there is substantial evidence to back it up. If Jesus was so important, why did they change his name? Why did the Roman Cat-holic church hunt down and kill Mary Magdalene in France, where she was being protected by The Cathars, and one of their children? Why did the same church and band of Templar thugs hunt down all the Cathars at Montsegur in the 1200’s? Then subsequently what may have been the remnants of The Cathars, the real Templars in the 1300’s.

It is speculated that the story of Melchizedek is an informal insertion into the narration, possibly inserted in order to give validity to the priesthood and tithes connected with the Second Temple of Herod, and what they are saying here is it is a flowery description of a falsehood, to add to their story.

His name indicates he may have worshipped Zedek, who was a Canaanite deity worshipped in pre-Israelite Jerusalem. He was the king of Salem and priest of El Elyon (often translated as “most high God”). Notice it said Salem, not Jerusalem, again a name change which has been common throughout this series, so where did the term Jeru come from? People will be surprised to know Jeru is an ancient language, but out of which country? — back to where it all started in the Garden of Eden, and India.

El Elyon is referred to in Hebrew scriptures as Yahweh. Melchizedek exclaimed that God had chosen to gift Abram a tenth of God’s possession of the entire human race (consisting of seventy nations as described in Genesis) in the form of the seven nations of the land of Canaan, including the cities of Sodom that Abram succeeded in saving — how can you save something from a nuclear blast? So, “god” is suggesting some of his creations are more special than others, creating hierarchy, is it not? Or in the real world it was the fake gods creating their own domain, as was the case.

That whole region is not any more special than several other sites globally, except it was special to fake gods, their spaceports where, there, portals and gates were all over that region. They created religions and became control freaks, that has wrought much damage to this world way beyond the comprehension of most people on the planet.

Divinity and ascension are achieved by an accumulation of soul growth. If you achieve the seven soul growth planes on Earth, or any other planet, you become an ascended master.

Thomas Williams

The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent: ‘Thou art a priest for ever after the manner of Melchizedek. The Lord is Anu, Draco King; so Anu appointed Melchizedek as his priest, or Cohen, both means the same, and indicative of that line of usurpers.

Torah Laws require that the Kohen (priest) must be a patrilineal descendant of a prior Kohen, in other words bloodline games again. The Torah spelt Kohen with a K, like Khan which also means Cohen, all modern-day Jewish names of Cohen, is not a name but a title, which means priest. As the text states in regard to Melchizedek; “and he is a Kohen.”

These high priests have wreaked havoc wherever they went, even today in the Draconian language Latin and the profession of legalese or law, the judge is not what you think; he or she is representation as a high priest or priestess, hence the black robes they wear. Where else are these robes worn? The aptly named House of Lords in the UK! People never ask why do they wear robes. They wear them as a tribute to their Lord, not ours, and they are the high priest minions representing them, is why.

Melchi means king, Zedek was a high priest and a Canaanite deity worshipped in pre-Israelite Jerusalem. Interestingly, pre-Israelite Jerusalem, suggests it was not their land. Melchizedek is also mentioned in the second book of Enoch — well, of course he would — because Enoch was another one of them, not us.

Melchizedek was born of a virgin, Sofonim (or Sopanima), the wife of Nir, a brother of Noah — of course Noah came out in suspicious circumstances also. Melchizedek’s story in Slavonic Enoch recalls some parallels with the birth of Noah. In the Qumran text, Lamech is worried about the birth of Noah, his son, as Lamech suspects that his wife Bathenosh was unfaithful to him and that “the conception was (the work) of the Watchers and the pregnancy of the Holy Ones, and it belonged to the Nephilim,” indeed, it is called seeding.

The child came out from his mother after she had died and sat on the bed beside her corpse, already physically developed, clothed, was circumcised and was speaking and blessing the Lord, and marked with the badge of priesthood, which was something imprinted on his chest.

Forty days later, Melchizedek was taken by the archangel Gabriel (Michael in some manuscripts) to the Garden of Eden and was thus preserved from the Deluge without having to be in Noah’s Ark, which also suggests that the Garden of Eden was a gateway.

The Qumran Scrolls, also indicate that Melchizedek was used as a name of the Archangel Michael, interpreted as a heavenly priest; Michael as Melchi-zedek contrast with Belial, who is given the name of Melchi-resha, meaning “king of wickedness”, kind of fitting does it not?

This BADGE OF PRIESTHOOD that he bore on his chest made him so unique that he was immediately recognized as part divine, and automatically qualified him for the priesthood, was none other than the MARK OF THE NEFILIM, which probably appeared as a patch of scaly hide.

This sign of divinity, a patch of scaly skin, is also mentioned in the Hindu classics. You do realize they are speaking of reptilian here with that passage, don’t you? There is a song later in this show with a line that says “I’m guided by this birthmark on my skin,” and it will be indicative.

In the MAHABHARATA, one of the demi gods, KARNA, is born of the sun god SURYA and an Earth mother; as such he is born “clad in a coat of armor,” like a divine being, and coat of armor was scaly skin, reptile.

Just as the Hindu sun god was Karna’s father, the same may have been true of Melchizedek, who was also called Adonizedek, meaning ‘My Lord is Zedik;’ Zedek was also the Hebrew name for the Roman sun god Jupiter (which is Zeus).

NOAH probably also carried the “mark of the Nefilim;” of course he did, all those in the biblical books were in part or whole reptiles, and this is what I have been telling people who will listen: the bible is their book and story, not humans’ book or stories. Just like all the Emerald tablets, scrolls; it is all their story, and why the modern-day priest class, the Cat-holic church, hordes them when they are found.

The tradition of the priesthood of Melchizedek is entirely dropped from the Old Testament and instead it is vested in Aaron, brother of Moses, later to be replaced by the tribe of Levi, or Levites; these are your modern day isRAelites, or Hivites.

The PRIESTHOOD OF MELCHIZEDEK was kept alive, however, by the Mormons who gave this tradition precedence over all other priests in the scriptures. Part of the teachings of the Mormon church is the Aaronic Priesthood class; [thus] Aaron replaced Melchizedek line.

Yep, the same script again, “born of a virgin.” Do people not ask why we haven’t seen in real life children created by virgins? Yes, we now have the re-introduced technology called test tube babies, but come on, why haven’t all test tube babies turned into messiahs or gods?

So, the child comes out fully formed, and fully dressed out of his mother’s womb and fully circumcised. My god, his dead mother must have been really clever to do all of that, FSS, I mean, what is that all about? Babies coming out fully formed, circumcised and dressed, proclaiming the Lord, with scaly skin! Has anyone ever seen this take place in real life? It’s sheer lunacy, and billions follow this narrative, with zero critical thinking, and yet have the audacity to accuse us of being conspiracy theorists, and/or atheists?

It is completely beyond all sane and rational comprehension, and the minute you point these things out, they trot out even more irrational narratives of “you are taking it too literally, they are allegories.” Okay, then fine, so why are billions of people following an allegory book, that’s not literal then, if it is not literal, it is not truth, is it?

They basically admit that, it is not the full truth, and then defend it to the hilt, what a dichotomy that is, and is completely lost on those people blindly following that program, and it is a program. Well, actually it was an experiment, if truth be told, of how far can we fool the humans into believing we are their gods; a program that serves no one, least of all themselves.

He was also taken to The Garden of Eden to escape the Deluge; hmm, how did they and Noah know there would be a deluge? Because their scaly ilk planned it for a reset of humanity, and then replace it with their genetic based creations, their Adam and their Eve is why, genetically modified humans, except beneath the skin, they were not human, and still aren’t.

Adam and Eve, who was not the first wife, it was Lilith, who were created by Draco and Annunaki groups, like I have said all along. The Bible pronounced buy bull, in other words buy into their bullshit, is not our story, but it is their story, with their names, places and lives.

Adamu, which was the original name in Sumeria, meant slave worker. Adamu is also given to the first born male in Ethiopia — no surprise there. That was the origin of the fourth and last Garden of Eden, after another Hebrew led exodus to that country, and why that country to this day is ran largely by Jewish groups, and was also at one point the location of the Ark of the Covenant, which was removed from the sarcophagus out of the pyramid.

He was taken by archangels and ascended masters — oh my, another description of their people, not ours. Ascended masters are those who reside in and on here, not outside of here, so your Michaels, Gabriels, Uriels, Ariels, Raphaels, Joels were not your ascended masters or angels at all, [and they are] all fake imposters.

Notice, like Ezekiel, they all end in El. El means god — do people not ask how many gods were there, when most religions are monotheistic, do they not ask who are the others? The answer is that all of them were their gods, not ours.

So, what is a god or an ascended master? Neither are the god in biblical or modern day terms for a start, as both are achieved by an accumulation of soul growth. If you achieve the seven soul growth planes on Earth, or any other planet, you become an ascended master. God’s real meaning is a person or being of higher soul growth.

The problem with these beings is, they wouldn’t do their own work, their inner work that leads to higher soul progression. They just were content to cheat and play with genetics, to piggy back on our development, eerily similar to modern day people – is it not? Maybe that is a coincidence, or maybe it is indicative. These usurpers are egotistical maniacs, portraying themselves as god or ass-ended masters more likely, who refused to do their own soul growth work, and harvested off others who had and have. They were in contract and alignment with the dark spirit world beings, ensuring humanity was repeatedly snared in a loop and recycle trap of their making, so we couldn’t become ascended masters in our own right, and end up in service and slaves, to them only. Most humans on this planet are taken over by the spirit world dark forces under contract to Draco reptilians and their varied minions, via walk-ins or possession, unable to have real soul growth, rendered childlike and in real terms retarded.

To those who follow religion, the big questions is, why has your god allowed that? Why does your god promote those who kill, sacrifice and cause death and destruction with complete impunity, as stated in the Talmud? Where is your god’s help for the rest of us [who are] not Hebrew? Has god really helped the Jewish people? He, she or it hasn’t, why? Because it was not and never was our god, or to use the correct term: Source. The source of all that ever was, it is not and never was a he, it was not and never was in physical form as a separate being to you. It did and always has been inside of us all; we are all a spark of the creator, and if it wasn’t for these disciples of evil and their Hebrew and Annunaki counterparts, everyone on this planet would know these facts by now. It is by far the most destructive thing ever witnessed on this planet, operating via originally a myriad of churches and expanding into the Houses, bloodlines and secret or otherwise societies, an organization riddled with corruption, deceit, pederasty, child abuse, harvesting of both energy and souls, riddled with death, war, plagues and ultimate deception, dark entities hiding within a human skin, presented as human due to our genetically altered eyesight that limits most people’s vision, but not all, there some of us who can still see on the broader spectrum, much to their chagrin.

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