Who Are the Pointy-Head Beings?

Who Are the Pointy-Head Beings?

As we have previously reported, one of these alien groups were the Fat Snakes depicted in the Dropa stones. This group utilized the trolls, which they brought to Earth as slaves. But there was yet another alien group allied with the Annunaki. This group were hominoid, with a distinct pointed head and narrow slanted eyes. Since the Service-to-Self do not share well, and the Fat Snakes had already dominated Asia and Europe, this group took residence in Antarctica, leaving their face as a marker that could be easily seen from space.

~ ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2019
  • Annunaki Bloodline

Like most highly Service-to-Self entities, this Pointed Head race preferred to use the Annunaki or trolls as an interface to the humans they wished to conquer and control, rather than lower themselves. They delegated these functions. This was true of the Fat Snake race too, which are depicted on Dropa stones but have not had their portrait drawn by any humans. These highly Service-to-Self races, when on a mission to a 3rd Density world, are not interested in adoration but in conquest, which is measured by the number of souls turned to the Service-to-Self orientation.

As we stated when a depiction of their face in the Antarctica rock was discovered, this face carving was not speaking to man, but to others seeking to conquer and harvest Earth souls. The Annunaki were well aware of their appearance, but as servants were not allowed to do as they wished, and their Pointed Head masters did not want their appearance broadly known. They linger still in Antarctic, thus the warning by the Dark Judge for man to avoid the newly discovered buried cities. And thus, the rush from some in the Cabal to travel there in hopes of gaining a powerful alliance.

~ ZetaTalk Confirmation 3/31/2020
The warning by the Dark Judge for man to avoid the newly discovered buried cities [Credit & Source: ZetaTalk.com]

Due to the US and UK Junta fighting the Cabal and all its allies, this alliance has been crushed. Moloch practices are being eliminated worldwide — and the networks prosecuted, the leaders executed — and thus any source of power for the Pointed Heads eliminated. This battle is still ongoing in human society, but has in essence been won. As we have stated, the Earth is destined to be a world for those in the Service-to-Others. Where the Transformation is gradual, when Service-to-Self groups realize they have lost, they leave. The Pointed Heads are already doing so.

~ ZetaTalk.com

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