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Who Will Be “Raptured”?

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The evolved beings, whatever planets they are from, have as a principle to be fair and would not contradict the Cosmic Laws, because they are also applicable to them, no matter their degree of evolution! So, imagine that a good, upright, positive person had a close or not relative who’s an offender, such as a criminal, drug dealer, rapist or very sick with contagious illness! What would be the decision of ET leaders to be able to rescue everyone? Within the sense of justice and humanism prevailing among them, they could never put individuals with such different and unequal personal behaviors on the same ship, so, I presume, from what I have already said, they would choose to rescue each type of individuals separately, not just for their merit, their nature, their past, but, for their whole, because after the rescue, the chaff, that is, those negative beings, will have to be left (dropped off) in orbs (planets) still in the beginning of evolution to be able to start all over again; while the wheat, those of good conduct and good nature, will be left here on Earth or in new places appropriate for their new beginnings in life!

Separation of the chaff from the wheat – Compiled by Domingos Yezzi and digitized by Chris Breault

Therefore, no one will be forgotten here in the midst of turbulence, even if he is already disembodied, which is what is likely to happen; but each being, or each group, will have its appropriate rescue at the right time! OK?

~ Domingos Yezzi – São Paulo, Brazil (November16, 2020)
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How To Win In Court

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Born in 1935, Domingos Yezzi, a retired Brazilian musician and author contactee, studied Parapsychology and Paranormal Development, while aligning the facts that had been occurring since his eight years of age, in relation to clairvoyance, auric field vision, and direct contacts with beings from other planets. With his late first wife, he did more than 36 years of studies and cataloging his various experienced phenomenologies.
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