Why Would Early Man Cremate Their Dead?
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Why Would Early Man Cremate Their Dead?

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There are cultures today, in New Guinea, that eat their dead to gain the strength and wisdom of the deceased. Such attitudes toward consumption of the dead are prevalent around the world. The practice can be found in Africa and South America and was operant in China in the past. Cannibalism has this basis. So given that the Annunaki were seen as powerful and dominant giants by early man, and given that early man would likely thus try to eat the Annunaki dead to gain these qualities, the Annunaki regularly burned their dead. Why is it that no Annunaki mummies or graves have been discovered? They were burned, and their ashes strewn about.

We have explained that the Annunaki were assisted by aliens in the Service-to-Self to elevate the large stones by which they constructed their pyramids and walls. Aliens above 3rd density are able to control gravity for their ships, themselves, and for objects such as large stones. Their ships hover not due to propulsion but by creating a separate gravity field within the ship. Contactees report being floated during visitations. Thus, finding massive megaliths should not be a surprise. The Service-to-Self aliens assisting the Annunaki in those days knew they were created a slave class of early man with such intimidating structures, but hoped to ultimately harvest souls for their prison planets by such endeavors.

Thus, the Annunaki were eventually driven from the Earth, quarantined by the Council of Worlds. The Annunaki were on Earth mining for Gold long before mankind was genetically engineered from the ape. The Earth was scarcely populated, so their mining operations did not overlap with the efforts of the genetic engineers, who were Service-to-Other aliens working on behalf of the Council of Worlds. But eventually the Annunaki took note of early man, and tired of the back breaking work in the mines, selectively enslaved early man for their mines. Thus, due to their long sojourn on Earth, the former cities of the Annunaki can be found under water or buried by shifting ground, puzzling modern man.

~ ZetaTalk, May 3, 2014
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